Microsoft Not WP7 User Track Record

Posted by Sinauw on Friday, 22 April 2011

Sinauw, iPhone
secretly record the
movements of their
wherever they
go. This proclamation
raised fears among
other smartphone

Related to
this, Microsoft
responded and said
users should not
worry WP 7 because
they did not do it.
As is known, popular
gadgets from Apple
stores every detail
of the movement of
the user to the file
secrets in the
handset which is
then copied into the
user's computer
when synchronized.

Clearly this violates
the privacy of every
user. Gizmodo
gadget site and then
ask directly to
Microsoft, as one of
Apple's competitors.
The software giant
confirmed that
details the
movement of the
user is recorded, but
is saved to storage
owners WP7 own
account, based on
the last location they
are located.

Quoted from
Gizmodo, Friday
(22/4/20110), this is
part of WP7 feature
called 'Find My
Phone'. This feature
is a safety feature to
track if your phone is
stolen WP7. With the
help of Find My
Phone, users can
directly trace it
through their PCs
using Bing Map.
Not just ask
Microsoft, Gizmodo
also find asking the
same thing to Google
and RIM.

Unfortunately both
the large company
has not been willing
to provide comment.