Well, Android Users Also Collect Data Location!

Posted by Sinauw on Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sinauw, CALIFORNIA - As Apple
is now much talk as
collecting location
data users through
the iPhone and iPad,
the Wall Street
Journal reported
that the phone OS
Android are also
doing the same thing
and sends it to
Referring to the
study of security
analysts Samy
Kamkar, using HTC
Android phone, the
report says that
these devices take
the location data and
sends it to Google
several times an
hour. Similarly, as
quoted by USA
Today, Saturday

"In addition, Android
also spread the
name, location and
signal strength of
nearby Wi-Fi
network," the report
Analysts and
members of
Congress began to
raise a voice about
the report that the
iPhone and iPad
secretly track the
user location data.
"Apple must protect
the security of
location information
from its users, in
order to convince us
all that the iPhone
will not become
"iTrack", said
Edward Markey.