Downloading Firefox 4 Skip Figures 100 Million

Posted by Sinauw on Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sinauw, CALIFORNIA - Based
on statistical data
from the site
now the Firefox
browser, which was
launched four
months ago, has
been downloaded
more than 100
million times.
Firefox 4 now
approximately 7.94
percent of the world
browser market,
according to

Meanwhile, Internet
Explorer 8.0 controls
29.99 percent, 24.43
percent for Firefox
3.6 and Chrome 10 of
15.35 percent.
As quoted from
(04/23/2011), when
compared with the
percentage of two
days after its launch,
Firefox seems to
take a large portion
4 using Firefox 3.6.
On March 22, IE
controls 45 percent
of the global market,
followed by Firefox
3.6 and Chrome by
30 percent by 17
On day 4 the first
time Firefox is
launched, Google also
launched the Chrome
beta 11 which
supports the HTML5
When news of this
writing, there were
already 100 077 349
downloads Firefox 4
from around the

To view the
download statistics
Firefox browser 4,
click http://