Great! Nokia Create 3D Map Service

Posted by Sinauw on Friday, 22 April 2011

London - Finnish technology
giant introduced a beta version of Ovi
3D Maps.

This new version makes images of the world's 20 major cities, including London, to be
realistic 3D. Like
To enjoy this service,
users must install a
plug-in 11 MB first.

This application
allows users to
choose options from
a variety of camera
angles while
performing a virtual
trip to the big cities.
Also, will add a wide
range of camera
angles, including the
angle from the top,
level road with
panoramic 360
features and much

Senior VP of Nokia
said, "3D Model Ovi
Maps metropolitan
area exceeds our vision of bridging the real and virtual world through location-based
The technology giant
said the service is a
realistic view map
secret C3-looking
than the competitors
map cartoonist.
so, Nokia has not
revealed plans to
front his new
Apparently, the
company plans to
introduce this
service in some
countries as soon as