Sahara Energy Alternatives to Nuclear

Posted by Sinauw on Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Energy Sahara

SAHARA - not just
activists applauded
the recent decision
of Germany,
Switzerland and Italy
to halt nuclear
energy in the
foreseeable future.
sustainable energy
sector also saw an incredible

Various countries
now have a solar
panel installations.
Desertec tried to
keep these projects in future be
expanded and

After that, each
project must be
installed on the
European high-
voltage network.

In Morocco, Desertec are building a large
project of 500
They work closely with government
and local agencies. In
comparison, this
installation will be supplying more energy than nuclear
power centers in
Borssele, southern

Large projects such as Desertec, for
example, where the energy generated in
the Sahara and then transported to Europe.

However, political upheavals
Arab countries
feared could disrupt plans.

The numbers and ambition there is quite positive.
Construction of giant solar panels, glass
and windmills in the Sahara it will cost around 400 billion euros.

Through this
project, in 2050 as much as 15 percent of European energy needs will be met.

Desertec, which is the initiative of
Germany, welcomed
the idea. Moreover,
once the political
decisions about
nuclear energy.
Energy experts from the University of
Utrecht, Wim
mentioning energy plan Sahara as an
interesting idea.
Technically it is
possible to do,''he
said. ''However, this requires a lot of preparation.

This is a great investment. In
addition to investing in the desert, also
should be installed high-voltage cables.

So, the price for
electricity is also
high. "
The project cost is not the only
obstacle. The
political situation in Arab countries is far
from stable.

''In fact, Desertec
requires these
countries to realize the power
project,''the Dutch
businessman Paul
van Son. "We
certainly can not do business with Libya to see the situation now. Once the
atmosphere calmed down, we direct action.''