Download Mozilla Firefox 5 Web Browser

Posted by Sinauw on Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 5 is the Mozilla Firefox browser official present. If
you've sampled the previous Release
Candidate (RC) her, now is the time to download the full version on the link

Firefox 5 now also has support for animation css
developers more
easily create simple animation effects for
a site, even without the need to mess around by writing
complex JavaScript.

Although offering a
myriad of
improvements over the previous version,
Firefox presence of
five still reap a lot of questions.

many users are
wondering why life is so fast Firefox 4.

According to James
Lee Phillips, analyst
and author of the
technology, it could be because Firefox
squeezed by the
growth of Google
Chrome, forcing
Mozilla to
immediately do a lot of changes. But in
terms of
appearance, Firefox
do not change much from version 4.

You get Download Mozilla Firefox 5 Click here to download