Sony Add Streaming Music to PSP

Posted by Sinauw on Friday, 8 April 2011

Starting next week,
the pride of Sony's
portable gaming
device, the
PlayStation Portable
(PSP), will have
music streaming
Music streaming
service called Music
Unlimited is
presented by
Qriocity and allows
users with accounts
PSP PlayStation
Network (PSN) to
access the collection
of millions of songs
in the cloud-based
online catalog.

Yahoo News
reported on Friday
(08/04/2011), Sony
will begin to activate
the Music Unlimited
service on 14 April.
Sony claims, to
access the songs, the
user must connect
the PSP device with
wireless connection.

In addition, PSP users
can also enjoy these
streaming services
on the computer or
various other Sony
devices including
new models of
Bravia TVs, Blu-ray
player and
PlayStation 3
"PSP owners can
also enjoy the
synchronization of
their music
experience on the
PS3 system or PC as
well as other Sony
devices that connect
to the internet
without having to
transfer the music
file," the company
said in its release
from Japan's.
Sony will charge
subscription fees
approximately $ 3,
99 per month for
basic service Music
Unlimited, which
offers ad-free
streaming to