Logitech Keyboard Case for the Ipad Release 2

Posted by Sinauw on Friday, 8 April 2011

Sinauw, a
leading computer
accessory company
Logitech, do not
want to miss a
frenetic presence
iPad 2. They released
their first case for a
tablet computer
keyboards, the
Logitech Keyboard

At first glance, the
shape of this
accessory keyboards
similar to the case
for the iPad
Zaggmate first
Apparently Logitech
is working with ZAGG
in making his version
of the iPad two

Keyboard Case is
made of aluminum
with a variety of
uses. He can work as
a stand and wireless
keyboard for iPad 2,
either in landscape
or portrait mode.
Well when you're not
in use, this device
can be used as a
protective wrap iPad
2. Claimed, this case
strong enough to
protect the iPad 2 of
the clash and so

Tag of the device
that will soon be
marketed starting in
April is quite
expensive, which is
in the range of $ 100
or about USD 860
thousand. Similarly,
as reported by
PadGadget and
quoted on Friday