Opera Mini embrace 100 Million Users

Posted by Sinauw on Friday, 8 April 2011

Sinauw, OSLO - Opera
Software announced
that Opera Mini
browser successfully
reach 100 million
users in March 2011.
Similarly, the Opera
Software's official
statement on Friday

Two months ago,
Opera also
announced the
achievement of 100
million users, which
is a combination of
two flagship
browser, Opera Mini
and Opera Mobile.
But now Opera Mini
alone had
skyrocketed to
number 100 million

The number of Opera
Mini users worldwide
per month recorded
an increase of 11
million since
February 2011, with
a growth rate double
the 50 million who
have been
celebrated in
February 2010.

In addition, Opera
Mini is also able to
increase pageviews
per day to two
billion, or grow twice
the rate of one billion
per day since July
Some time ago,
Opera launches
latest version of
Opera Mini Opera
Mobile 6 and 11
which runs at 8
different operating
systems including
Android, Symbian,
Java, Windows 7 and
the BlackBerry.

Opera brings some
updates on anyarnya
browser, among
other features pinch-
to-zoom, scrolling
easier and share
function that lets
users instantly share
information to social
networking or email.