Wake up for Eco- Friendly Data Center

Posted by Sinauw on Friday, 8 April 2011

Sinauw, PALO ALTO - most
popular social
networking site
Facebook has just
announced the
development of their
data centers as part
of an ambitious
prgoram Open
Compute Project

Over the last seven
years, up still renting
data center so it
does not have the
flexibility for the
company. Technical
VP up, Jon Heilinger,
associate the
condition is like his
first apartment,
where the owner
freed him to paint
the walls with any
color as long as the
white family.

Therefore, since one
year ago, Facebook
is working hard to
build their own data
center in Prineville,
Oregon. Palo Alto-
based company that
claims their data
centers to increase
efficiency in data
centers up to 38
percent while
lowering the total
cost by 24 percent.

"We found many
things that we do
not actually need
from a data center.
So we make reforms
so that the user
could be better,"
explained the CEO
Mark Zuckerberg, at
a press conference
held on campus up in
Palo Alto.

"Facebook is trying
to develop the
ecosystem so
developers can
easily build startup,"
lid Zuckerberg, as
quoted by the Straits
Times, Friday

Chairman and
founder of
Rackspace hosting
services giant,
Graham Weston,
claiming that the
design of data center
up is a big leap,
because it is much
simpler, cheaper and
friendly. "I think this
is the largest cost
reduction for
servers in the last
decade," he said.