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Posted by Sinauw on Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sinauw- Washington,
Attendance iPhone 4
versions of CDMA are
well received by
consumers in the
United States

Smartphones are
marketed operator
Verizon Wireless is
raising the sales of
the iPhone 4, but can
not stem the
smartphone based
on Android.
Bureau marketing
research firm
comScore data
reveal smartphone
in the land of Uncle
Sam in February
2011. Android lead
the market with a
percentage of 33%,
up from a previous
31.2% in January.
BlackBerry from
Research in Motion
(RIM), followed in
rank two with a
percentage of 28.4%,
dropped from 30.4%
previously. Only then
iPhone's market
share reached 25.2%,
up from 24.7% in the
previous month.

In fourth place there
is the Windows OS
Phones are only
getting 7.7% market
pie. This number
decreased from the
previous 8% in
Well, the most
smartphone in
February was the
fourth CDMA iPhone.
comScore said that
four CDMA iPhone is
the best-selling
smart phone in
February. But it has
not reached to the best-selling erode the
popularity of

But if the iPhone 4
CDMA constantly in
demand, it is quite
possible to make
Android marketing in
the United States
slightly eroded.
Similarly, as reported
by eWEEK and
quoted on Tuesday