Android, Smartphone Most Popular

Posted by Sinauw on Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sinauw- Google's
Android operating
system has defeated
all the other smart
phone operating
systems including
that of the iPhone,
according to
research from

Android phones
gradually out of the
shadow of the
iPhone to become
the most popular
smartphones in the
UK, according to
Approximately 28
percent of Android-
smartphone users,
26 percent use the
iPhone and 14
percent use a
BlackBerry, that's
the result poolling of
2000 adults
conducted YouGov
for Intelligent
Environments, a
provider of digital

More than four
million Britons aged
over 18 years has
Android phone, and
the device is popular
both among young
professionals and
Android users prefer
to spend the time to
open a map and plan
trips. Approximately
34 percent of
Android users say
that the application
was included in the
three applications
they use most often.

The study supports
the opinion of
analysts that Android
will shift gradually to
other operating
systems because of
the increasing
number of
inexpensive devices
that use Android.
Currently Apple's IOS
operating system
dominant in the
tablet, it was seen
by many iPad sales,
but Apple's getting
tough challenge from
the tablet that uses
the Android
operating system 3.0
(Honeycomb) like
Xoom Motorola.

Tablet Motorola that
will be launched in
the U.S. and is
scheduled to be
released in the UK
along with ASUS and
Transformer Galaxy
Tab latest version,
according to the