How To Increase Alexa Rank?

Posted by Sinauw on Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Sinauw- All blog or website
owner should
understand Alexa.

Or Alexa is
a site-rating
website. As a rating,
Alexa put the
position of a website
or blog to other
websites or blogs.
Alexa ranking is
updated every day.
Advertisers see the
warning Alexa as one
tool to decide the
choice media for

Can be understood if
then all websites or
site manager,
including bloggers,
trying to raise its
ranking in Alexa.
Search was on
Google and you'll find
lots of blogs or sites
that provide reviews
how to or how to
improve ranking in

One of them is Indu
Priya, blogger based

Here are some tips:

1. Download the
Alexa toolbar on your
personal computer
or laptop.

2. It is recommended
to install the Alexa
rank widget on your
blog or website.
click will be counted
as a visitor your blog
or website.

3. Write posts that
are related to
webmasters. This is
because most
webmasters use the
Alexa toolbar.

4. Purchase links and
banners from
webmaster forums.

Ads help but first
traffic your blog or
website should have
content that benefit
the user.
In the end, indeed,
quality content will
help traffic to your
blog or website.
increase in traffic no
other purpose
except to increase
ranking in Alexa.