Sony Create an Image Sensor 8 MP for iPhone 5

Posted by Sinauw on Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Sinauw- Sir Howard
Stringer, CEO of
Sony, said the
company will supply
image sensors for
the Apple iPhone 5.
In an interview with
Walt Mossberg from
the Wall Street
Journal on Friday
night, the CEO of
Sony was originally
talking about
damage to Sony's 15
factories in Japan by
the quake, but "let
slip" mentions that
one of its factories
that were making
image sensors for
camera iPhone 5 and
sensors that will
delayed due to the
earthquake and
Stringer did not
specifically say that
Sony is making an 8-
megapixel image
sensor for the iPhone
5, but clearly it was
confirmed that Sony
plans to supply
components of the
iPhone 5.

That means, Apple
will no longer use the
5MP image sensor
made by OmniVision
is currently pinned
on the iPhone 4. An
analyst in February
reported that
OmniVision may lose
the opportunity to
supply the iPhone
camera 8MP 5
because OmniVision
sensors will not be
ready for the device
to be launched mid-

Because Stringer has
been talking about
the irony of
providing the best
camera for Apple, we
can only guess that
he was talking about
8MP image sensor,
the Wall Street
Journal wrote about
Stringer in a report
Monday morning.

Initially, he picked up
the irony of Sony to
supply components
for the Apple device
camera. It "remains
a puzzle to me," he
"Why do I make
Apple the best
camera?" From that
sentence, it is not
clear what he is
talking device, as
Sony does not know
will supply key
components of the
camera, known as
image sensors, for
A Sony spokesman
declined to
comment, and Apple
spokesman could not
be reached for
comment, according
to Mashable.