Xbox 360 Launch App Store?

Posted by Sinauw on Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Microsoft was
allegedly going to
introduce an
application store for
the Xbox 360 on
MIX11 event in Las
Vegas next week.

That rumor is
circulating among
the media the United
States (U.S.) as
reported by T3,
(04/05/2011). Xbox
360 Launch
application store
could be done
simultaneously with
the exposure of
Microsoft's vision
about using
Silverlight platform
for its gaming
console it.
Microsoft is believed
to explain his plans
at MIX11 event.

Reportedly, the
developers can use
Silverlight to help
them get Windows 7
Phone applications
for their Xbox 360.
This step is expected
to help Microsoft put
pressure on their
competitors, Sony
and Nintendo.
At Strategy Analytics
survey recently, the
Xbox 360 fails to
pass through the
achievement of the
PlayStation 3 as the
console games are
the most widely
played globally. Until
late 2010, Xbox
recorded reached
42.9 million users,
while PS3 users
drew 43.4 million.