Manchester United Translucent Semifinal

Posted by Sinauw on Sunday, 13 March 2011

Manchester United
made ​​it to the FA Cup
semi-finals this
season. Tickets
achieved, after
Wayne Rooney et al
get rid of Arsenal
with a score of 2-0
at Old Trafford
Stadium, Sunday

Relying Javier
Hernandez and
Rooney up front,
United immediately
kicked off the first
minute. Minute 15,
the home team
managed to get the
first chance to score.
receiving feedback
Fabio da Silva, his
twin brother, Rafael
da Silva off a header,
which was unable to
break down the
Arsenal goalkeeper.

Minute 28, United
managed to achieve
excellence through
Fabio. Brazilian
player, forward
Hernandez kick
rebound that is
released into Manuel
Almunia's goal.

Arsenal tried to back
out. However, some
opportunities that
got Robin Van Persie
and Samir Nasri,
unable to penetrate
the goalkeeper
Edwin van der Sar.
Score 1-0 last until
the first half ended.

In the second half,
the visitors tried to
equalize. Cus got
Lorient Koscielny.
Unfortunately, Van
der Sar managed to
rescue United's

Sir Alex Ferguson's
squad managed to
ensure victory, after
Rooney can break
Almunia's goal. Score
2-0 for the home
team advantage.
Arsenal returned to
try to pursue a goal
deficit. However,
Van der Sar game
to make the Gunners
frustrated. Score 2-0
last until the game
ended. Arsenal has
foundered in the