In the U.S. outperform Online Media Print Media

Posted by Sinauw on Monday, 14 March 2011

Sinauw, NEW YORK - The
online news site in
the United States
(U.S.) managed to
reach the number of
readers and more
advertising revenue
than traditional
media like
That is the result of a
recent survey by the
Pew Research
Center's Project for
Excellence in
Journalism, as
reported by Reuters
on Monday

The study found that
46 percent of U.S.
residents to access
online news sites at
least three times a
week. Compare with
40 percent of the
population who still
rely on newspapers
and media sites in
question to get the

"Migration readers
to the Internet run
faster. Rapid
adoption of tablet
computers and the
spread of smart
phones to help
realize it," explained
Director of Project
for Excellence in
Journalism Tom
Over the past few
years, the print
media is in crisis.
Number of readers
who prefer to access
online news resulting
from the advertiser
is no longer
interested in
advertising in print

The latest data from
eMarketer explains
that the U.S. media
ad revenue fell 46
percent in 2010 to
USD22, 8 billion.
Meanwhile, online ad
revenues in 2010
reached USD25, 8

The shift to online
media reader also
result in reducing the
number of staff,
including reporters
and editors. The
study reveals, the
U.S. media
newsroom staff is
now 30 percent
fewer than in 2000.