Creator Twitter Reverse Cage

Posted by Sinauw on Monday, 28 March 2011

Sinauw, one
of creators of
Twitter - Jack
Dorsey - rumored to
be back in the ranks
of Twitter.
staying will
fill the position of
chief product officer
or even CEO of

If so, then Dorsey
would shift the
position of Dick
Costolo who
currently occupy the
CEO seat. But this
certainty seems to
still have to wait for
an official statement
mikroblogging site.

Dorsey is very
familiar with the ins
and outs of Twitter.

He was the one who
sends 'chirp' first
time at the site of
140 characters was
five years ago, so
the comeback
Dorsye practically
the same as behind
the cage.

Quoted from Tg
Daily, Monday
(03/28/2011), Dorsey
had become CEO of
Twitter before it
was replaced by
Evan Williams in the
year 2008. Williams
himself had long held
the position of these
peaks. He then
replaced Dick Costolo
in 2010.

Back to Dorsey, he is
still serving as CEO of
Square, the
company's payment
of person-to-person.
Well, if Dorsey is true
going back to take
over the chair the
CEO of Twitter, then
he handed current
position in the