Will Apple the IBM and HP

Posted by Sinauw on Sunday, 27 March 2011

NEW YORK, Sinauw-
Analysts expect
Apple's earnings will
surpass IBM and HP in
the next two years.

With conditions, the
growth of Apple's
business could be
maintained above 50
per cent increase
every year.

"Apple will be bigger
than IBM in the next
year and from HP for
the next year," said
CEO of Forrester
Research Inc.. George
Colony on Friday
year, Apple Inc.
recorded increased
sales by 52 percent
and is expected to
grow to 200 billion
U.S. dollars in two

Last year, HP's
revenue reached 126
billion U.S. dollars,
whereas IBM's
revenues amounted
to 99.9 billion U.S.
dollars. For market
capitalization, Apple
Inc. now already in
position number one.

The main driver of
growth business only. From not Apple-
pruducts innovative
products such as
iPad tablet and
smartphone iPhone,
but also from sales
of the increasingly
popular applications.

Until now, Apple has
sold nearly 15 million
units in the first year
iPad since its launch
and sold more than
90 million iPhone
units for the fourth

Superiority of Apple
products that offer
abundant and
applications for
games and to
support the
professional work of
making gadget is
constantly ogled.

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