Researchers Find Authorities Phone Memory Capacity

Posted by Sinauw on Monday, 28 March 2011

Sinauw- Researchers
Scotland has helped
to create a device
that can enlarge the
memory capacity of
various technological
devices ranging from
smart phones, MP3,
and digital cameras.

Such a tool, such as
the BBC reported,
had a mini
mechanical arm to
change the data
signal into eletrik.
Using the handheld
device alias
'handset' work
faster and save
more energy than
regular memory.

The scientists
involved in the study
were derived from
the University of
Edinburgh and two
South Korean
universities from the
Konkuk University
and Seoul National

In their research,
they calculate the
electric current
passing through
carbon nanotubes
and the binary value
of the data was
determined by an
electrode that
controls the flow of
electrical current.
experiments using
carbon nanotube
transistor as a
memory failed due
to tripping on low
speed of operation
and storage of
memory is short.

By using a
mechanical arm to
fill the electrode,
which can operate
faster than regular
memory, the
scientists were able
to overcome the
problems before it.
"This is a new
approach in
designing a
memory," says
Professor Elanor
Campbell of the
University of

"But one problem of
these tools is how
they can be
produced on an
industrial scale"
Campbell said

Campbell also
explained his
colleagues in South
Korea is now
continued to conduct
research to improve
the operating speed
of the new device.

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