Today's Google Logo Meaning

Posted by Sinauw on Saturday, 24 September 2011

Google Logo

Sinauw, Have you access
Google today?
Curious what
happened with the
search engine's
logo? Consider the
Today, Google helped
celebrate the
birthday of James
Maury "Jim" Henson.
Men born in
Mississippi, United
States (U.S.) on 24
September 1936 This
is a puppeteer.
Men are more
commonly known by
the name of Jim
Henson is famous as
the creator of The
Muppet. He spent his
childhood in
Mississippi until he
moved with his
keluarhanya to
Hyattsville, Maryland
in 1940.
Google logo today's
highly interactive. If
you press the button
on one of the doll,
the doll will follow
the direction of the
cursor and if you
press the button
repeatedly, the doll
will open and close his mouth.