This is The Seventh Biggest Change Made by Facebook

Posted by Sinauw on Friday, 23 September 2011

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook in F8

Sinauw, Washington -
Facebook announced
some changes to its
greatest moment in
the event the
developer's annual
F8 conference today,
Thursday (22 / 9).
At the event held in
San Francisco, the
comedian Andy
Samberg imitating
the style of
Facebook CEO Mark
Zuckerberg to
introduce the new
features of social
networking. Here are
seven changes that
occur in social
networks such as
quoted by the
HuffPost .
The new profile
Shown in the new
design, a feature
called the Timeline
that looks different
with a new focus on
images and events.
Users can now
choose what
activities she wants
to and highlight the
moment of this day
until the first time
using Facebook.
A new way to
interact and share
Users can now
interact in new ways
on the content
uploaded to
Facebook directly.
These changes can
occur due to massive
updates on the social
networking platform
Open Graph it.
'New class'
application that
Facebook application
is no longer ask for
permission on the
user to upload
content on
Facebook. The new
permit will explain
what kind of stories
will be shared when
you first give
permission an
application for
uploading your
content on
Videos with friends
Open a new Graph
bring a deeper
integration of the
video. Later, users
can watch videos
from Netflix and
other sites like Hulu,
YouTube, Daily
Motion, Vevo and
more with Facebook
The discovery of
new music
As part of a larger
initiatives, Facebook
launched a dash of
music featuring the
music of certain
notification and
updates. Through
this feature, users
can find out what
new music is being
listened to friends.
Existing music
partners including
turntables, Songza,
mixcloud, Slacker
Radio, Rdio, Deezer,
MOG, tunein,
iHeartRadio, earbits
and SoundCloud.
New stories in
Now when friends
upload new articles
or stories which he
enjoyed, you also
can enjoy it in
Facebook. Publishers
who became
partners, including
Digg, Fipboard,
Gawker, The
Washington Post,
USA Today and
When did it all
All applications are
available since
yesterday despite
Timeline mention
they are all displayed
in a few weeks.