The mass of the Jordanian Government & Police Attack Protesters

Posted by Sinauw on Saturday, 16 July 2011

Demonstran Libya

Sinauw, AMMAN - The
security forces and pro-government
offensive against protesters and
journalists in
Amman, Jordan.

The clashes occurred
in downtown Amman, the police block the protesters
who were doing the marching.
The demonstration was conducted by a coalition of youth in Jordan.

Demonstrators call for slogans urging economic reform and the decline of government Marouf Bakhit. They also
urged the tribunal to corrupt officials.
Similarly, as reported by BNO, Saturday (07/16/2011).

Meanwhile, pro-
government mass attacked several journalists who were covering the incident.
are given orange
vests that read
"PRESS" by the
security forces to be easily distinguished
from demonstrators
during clashes

Earlier this month,
Jordan's King
Abdullah II issued a decree approving a
cabinet reshuffle in the Government
Marouf Bakhit.
Jordan government
before Marouf Bakhit also often associated
protested crisis economy of soaring food
prices, rising taxes,