Facebook for Business Launched

Posted by Sinauw on Thursday, 28 July 2011

Facebook Business

Sinauw, CALIFORNIA - Google
+ Facebook ahead of plans to release a version of the social networking business.
Similarly told TG
Daily, Thursday

Yes, facebook.com/
business is designed as an online education center for
companies that want to take advantage of
social networking
with a membership
of more than 700
million. Through this platform, Facebook
is 'taught' companies
make their profile page, designed the
ad with a specific market, and even gives tips on how to
interact with fans and respond to
customer input.

"Facebook allows small businesses to
create a rich social experience and to build relationships
and utilize the most powerful marketing
types, ie promotion
of the mouths of
customers," said
spokesperson in an email to Reuters.

"We created a
Facebook.com /
business to facilitate
business achieve these goals and grow bigger," he