Close Google Google Labs

Posted by Sinauw on Sunday, 24 July 2011

Sinauw, Google Labs is the beginning
of a success story of Google Inc. Of testing
sites is a software
company that also became most popular search engine in the world that spawned a
variety of brilliant innovations.

Google bosses assess the laboratory does
not have a business

the writing on the official blog, Google decided to close the
Google Labs.

"We believe, if it
focuses on products to be made, will be
key to future
success," declared
Bill Coughran, Senior Vice President for
Research and
Systems, at the
Google blog last
Thursday, July 21, 2011.

In short, Coughran
convincing research and development
process is still
ongoing, but tailored to the respective

Actually not only this time the Google Labs
Google to stop
innovation. Late last month, California-
based company
closed projects
Google Health and Google PowerMeter

The closure of Google Labs is like shutting
down the prestige as the center of the
development of
creative ideas.

Currently there are 56 projects in Google

Each test will be
distributed to the
respective fields,
such as Android
Market, Gmail Labs, Google Maps Labs,
and Search