Cold War 'Like' vs '+1'

Posted by Sinauw on Friday, 8 July 2011

Like vs +1

Google and Facebook
was competing. Each
insistent champion of social networking
virtual worlds.
Yet in
the end there is only one winner. Growing
presence of Google +
triggered a war of social sharing.

Social sharing is
meant here is the content which
distributed Internet users through the
'wall' belonging to Facebook, or
'stream' Google '+.

This trend is
happening in
cyberspace today.

When there is
something new,
everyone seemed to
compete to
announce to the
world, whether
through Twitter,
Facebook, or Google+ the newcomer.

So far, Facebook has become a leader in
this field. But within
a few weeks,
changes began to be felt in the twisted
world of the

came up with a
pretty good growth numbers - though
while it is still used on a limited basis.

Instigators of the
current social
networking as if
faced with two
choices: +1 (Google) or Like (Facebook).
From one side, +1
does not that look useful, in addition to
merely recommend a
content to share.
This is like the 'Like' belongs to Facebook.

If someone adds a +1 in the content, would
not have felt. But if 750 million people do it, would be different results.