Mohammed and Fatima, Names Most Popular in Qatar

Posted by Sinauw on Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Manama - Let's
count about names.
What are the most popular names in the
Middle East?

In a research, Qatar Statistics Bureau revealed that the name of Mohammad
and Fatima is the
most widely used in the Gulf countries.

According to
statistics, as many
as 14,470 people in Qatar have the name

While wearing the name of
Abdullah's 8870, and 6507 named Ali.

Below there are
other famous names are: Hamad chosen
by 5937 people,
followed by Ahmad
with 4640 people,
then people Khalid
3958, then 3428
people Nasser, Abdul
Rahman 3340 people,
Rashed Abdul Aziz
3329 people and
3127 people.

As for the weaker
sex, the most widely
used name is Fatima
with the owner of 6420 people,
followed by Mary
Noora many as 6311 people and 6249people.

While there are 4359
girl named Aisha and
3372 named Sarra.
Below them is the
name of Shaikha
(2964), Haya (2048),
Mozah (1899), Hessa
(1881) and Alanood
The popularity of
these two names is
certainly not free of
religious references
in Qatar, which is
Islam. The majority
of the population of
Qatar embrace Islam.
While Mohammad is
the name of the
Prophet and Fatima was the daughter of
the Prophet. Both are
highly respected in Muslim circles.