France bans Facebook & Twitter in Broadcast Television

Posted by Sinauw on Sunday, 5 June 2011


Paris - Sinauw, A new regulation on Facebook and
Twitter is applied in France.
countries located in
continental Europe is
banning the word up and Twitter mentioned in radio or television.

French broadcasting
regulator announced
new rules that more or less as follows television and radio show host had to
restrain myself to say Facebook or Twitter unless there is a direct relation with the information

For example, banned
television presenter
said something like, "Follow us on Twitter for further
updates from this news." Yes, there should be no references
associated with
Twitter and

Then, what is the
reason this unique rules enforced?
According to the
French broadcasting
regulator, CSA, the mention of Facebook
or Twitter is
considered as a form of promotion of

Christine Kelly CSA spokesman said that
it is not fair. For
many other social networking
companies gasping
emulate the
popularity of
Facebook and
"Why do references
to Facebook, which
is worth billions of
dollars, when many
other social
networks struggling
to get recognition,"
he said as Sinauw quotes from The
Next Web, on Sunday

"This could be a
distortion of
competition. If we allow Facebook and
Twitter mentioned,
another social
networking site
would protest, they will ask why not us?," He added.