Thin Laptops form LG

Posted by Sinauw on Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sinauw, Laptops
are getting thinner and lighter. Even so,
the size of the
screen unchanged.
Innovations such as this becoming a trend given the incessant onslaught
of tablet computers
and netbooks.

In the computer
market, thin laptop is still a rare commodity. So far,
only Apple and
Samsung are
making. Now, LG
seems to be
interested to try out the market.

South Korean
company that will launch a laptop that
is not less thin than its predecessor,
named P430 LG

The thickness of
laptops made by LG is only 23.8 mm and
weighs less than 2kg, ie about 1.94kg.

Compared with
conventional laptops sail another 13
inches, Blade P430 obviously very thin and lightweight.

Hence, the Blade
P430 is very
comfortable to carry.
Although thin, the features are
presented not as
light weight.
Embedded features
may be said to be
very interesting.
Additionally, the
processor used is a
second generation of
Intel Core i7.

For business
graphics at NVIDIA Graphics GeForceGT
entrusted with 1GB DDR3 520M of RAM with a maximum of
8GB memory.

Other features that increasingly make this laptop more is a web
camera 1.3
megapixel high
definition, hard disk drives up to 750GB 2.5 SATA, DVD optical
drive, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Blade LG P430 laptop would slide on the
market at the end of May this year. What
price is opened? LG is
still not revealing.