Facebook and Google Wants to Attract Skype

Posted by Sinauw on Friday, 6 May 2011

Sinauw, Two
giants, Facebook and Google, are now competing to gain the attention of
Skype, an Internet-
based phone service companies (VoIP).

But the most
aggressive is up.
Skype is currently
getting ready to
become a public
company by offering shares to the public.

Even so, Facebook
and Google each has
sought a partnership
with Skype.

The value of
cooperation with
Skype itself is
expected to reach U.S. $ 3 billion to $ 4
billion. While offering
shares to the public is expected to
disburse fresh funds amounting to U.S. $ 1

Google next to the cauldron struggle
becomes a question
mark. "Indeed, for them there is the benefit, but in my opinion the greatest
benefits will be felt by Facebook," said
Rory Maher, an
analyst at research
institutions Hudson
Square Research,

Eric Jackson of
Ironfire Capital
agreed. "I am not
surprised that the two companies were
interested," said
Jackson. "But Skype is a more valuable
asset to Facebook
than Google."
Google now have a voice chat service that also supports
video. But Skype will indeed offer more possibilities.
will integrate it into the Google Voice.
While Facebook is clearly is managing
to hold their users for longer in the networking. With the addition of a voice call service
(complete chatting
features that exist today) will make up
to get the benefits of
a lot better.

Skype was founded
in 2003 and bought by eBay two years
later. eBay and then sold their shares to a
group of investors in
Last year, Skype is used by 124 million users are connected
to each other every month, until June. Of
that number only 8.1 million which is a paid subscriber, ie
the user who called from the Internet to stay home phone
with cheap tariffs.