Satisfy Performance Improvement Webber

Posted by Sinauw on Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sinauw- Sepang, Mark
Webber satisfied
with the
achievements at the
Malaysian GP
qualifying session
but will only start in
the top three. He
was satisfied
because his car was
better than when
the series premiere.

Red Bull racer is
undergoing a tough
weekend in the
series premiere,
Australia, which is
partly caused by
problems with the
car damper.
However, driven RB7
Webber has
performed better, as
promised Red Bull, at
the Malaysian GP.
Webber, who co-
performance, was
satisfied after finally
able to finish the
session qualified in
third position.

"This is a better
appearance of
myself than in
Melbourne and I can
not wait for
tomorrow," I Webber
on ESPN F1.
"I'll start from the
clean grid and this
will be a interesting
race, I think there
will be many a pit
stop in the race
later," he added.
Webber then assess
if the Red Bull Racing
will be facing tough
competition from
McLaren. The second
rider's team
alternately filling the
starting one to four.
"For us quite
straightforward, in a
situation like this you
only have to drive as
fast as possible. We
can not control how
tight the match,"
said Webber.

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