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Posted by Sinauw on Sunday, 10 April 2011

Developers Scoopler
applications give the
'gift' for the
celebrities through
JustSpotted, an
application that can
provide information
to users of smart
phones every time a
celebrity to be near

"There is no other
application that can
give you real-time
information as well
as JustSpotted with
thousands of
'sighting' on our site
every day," said AJ
Asver Scoopler as a
co-founder proud.
"If you are in the
metropolitan area,
you will be very
surprised to see how
close you are to the
world of celebrity,"
added Asver as
quoted by AFP on

Currently new
application can be
enjoyed by users of
Android-based phone
and can be
downloaded at the
Android Market.
While the version for
the iPhone is still
awaiting Apple's
approval process.
However Scoopler
indicated this
application is
available on the App
Store end of April.
JustSpotted.com site
itself was launched
in October 2010 and
then and display
online maps that
show the presence
of celebrities based
on updates from
Facebook and
Twitter. In addition,
JustSpotted can
provide information
about the presence
of celebrities.
Despite criticism
because they could
endanger the safety
of celebrities who
are exposed, Asver
claim this service
also consider the
needs of the artist. In
addition, celebrities
can also work
together with them
to utilize the
services JustSpotted
as media campaigns
or to convey a

"So far we have not
received any
complaints from the
celebrities. We even
approached by some
people who want to
promote their film,"
lid Asver.

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