Nokia Prepare Proxy Server in Indonesia

Posted by Sinauw on Monday, 4 April 2011

Nokia Source: Kompas

Sinauw, JAKARTA- Nokia
secretly preparing a
special internet
proxy service that
will provide more
secure access to
Internet services to
Nokia phone users.
This is one part of
the Nokia strategy
for achieving its
vision of one billion
people connecting to
the internet via
mobile phone.

Information on the
internet proxy
service plan was
revealed by Mary
McDowell, executive
vice president of
Nokia Mobile Phones
during a visit to
Jakarta on Thursday
(4/31/2011) ago.

Mary is one of the
key officials at the
Nokia for Business
and the
development of non-
smartphone phones
that work directly
accountable to the
CEO of Nokia Stephen
He said that
broadband Internet
penetration in
Indonesia is still so
low that many are
entering the first
internet service via
mobile. One of them
via social
networking services
like Facebook and
Twitter. To facilitate
access to these
services previously
Nokia has been
working with mobile
operators to provide
a data service plan,
where users can
freely access the service the daily cost.

"We are also
conducting a pilot
project to proxy
through the OVI
service which will
begin commercial
browser with OVI
latest browsers. I
think that Indonesia
will become a key
market for it. The
service will be
integrated in the
phone made​​us," said
When asked further,
whether the server
to the proxy service
will be in Indonesia,
Mary said the plan so
far there are servers
that are used
overseas. However,
he was asked,
whether a problem if
the proxy server is
not in Indonesia?
When urged anyone
who towed to
prepare for the
proxy service, Mary
would say that there
is a plan to put some
proxy servers in
different locations in

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