CEO of the Sony Open Secret About the iPhone 5

Posted by Sinauw on Monday, 4 April 2011

CEO Sony Source: Kompas

Sinauw, NEW YORK - The CEO
of Sony Corporation
Sir Howard Stringer
revealed the secret
between his
company with Apple
to bring the image
sensor to the
iPhone's 8-megapixel
camera 5.

It happened in the
interview with Walt
Mossberg from the
Wall Street Journal,
last weekend. At
that time, Stringer
talked about the
powerful earthquake
in Japan has
destroyed 15
factories Sony.
Then, by accident,
Stringer said that
one of the factory
was making the
camera sensor to
one of Apple
products. Stringer
also said if the
provision of sensors
that will be delayed
due to natural
disasters that
devastated Japan
March 11 last.

"Initially Stringer
shows the irony that
Sony had supplied
components for the
Apple device camera,
which incidentally is
one of its
competitors. 'This
makes me wonder.
Why do I make Apple
has the best
camera?'" Wrote
Mossberg when told
what happened.

"It is not clear
whether the device
he was talking about
because Sony is not
known as a provider
of camera
components, known
as image sensors for
Apple. Unfortunately
Sony and Apple
spokesman could not
be reached to give
their comments," lid
Stringer did not
reveal that the
camera sensor will
be used for the
iPhone 5.
as currently Sony is
not making any
camera sensor for
Apple, Stringer's
words seem to
confirm that the
electronics giant
would provide
components for the
iPhone 5.
Thus was launched
on Monday
Stringer's words
immediately raised
speculation that
Apple will no longer
use a 5-megapixel
image sensor owned
by OmniVision, which
is currently
embedded in the
iPhone 4.
Even this speculation
is strengthened by
reports that analysts
say is unlikely that
OmniVision will
supply to the iPhone
camera 8 megapixel
sensor 5 because
they were not ready
to launch the latest
generation of Apple's
iPhone, which are
estimated to occur in