Microsoft Introduces IE10

Posted by Sinauw on Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sinauw, Less
than a month after
launching Internet
Explorer 9
(IE9) heralded a
success, Microsoft is
now introducing
Mix11 developer
conference event
held in Las Vegas,
United States (U.S.),
IE10 utilized
Microsoft to show
off the first time.
Reported by
Mashable and quoted
on Wednesday
(13/04/2011), IE10
previews are
already available for
download it is a
continuation of the
work done in the
case of Microsoft's
acceleration, HTML5
and CSS3.

"IE10 built on full
acceleration and
continuing our focus
on site-ready web-
standards," said
Corporate Vice
President of Internet

"This combination
enables developers
to deliver the best
performance for
their Windows
customers while
using web standard
markup the same in
all browsers," he
Hachamovitch said,
Microsoft only took
three weeks to
develop IE10. At the
Mix11 conference, he
demonstrated some
ability IE10 and
mentioned that the
browser is equipped
with additional
support for CSS3,
including gradients
and layout Flexible
Box. IE10 additional
previews will be
released every eight
to 12 weeks.