Compromised a WordPress server

Posted by Sinauw on Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sinauw,, one
of the most popular
blog service,
experienced security
incidents. Some of
their servers

This was disclosed
founder of WordPress, Matt
Mullenweg, in his
official blog.
"Automattic (the
company behind
WordPress), so
victims of burglary
low-level alias root
in some of our
servers," writes
Matt, as quoted on
According to him,
there is the
possibility of any
existing data on a
server that has
accessed by the

"We're researching
and reviewing logs
and records the data
from it to see the
extent to which
information is
exposed, and we
secure the re-used
paths," he said.

Matt estimate the
source code that is in
the server that has
been copied.
Although WordPress
is Open Source, Matt
said there are things
in the server of
sensitive Automattic
code and partners.
Matt's suggestion for
users of WordPress,
as he wrote, is just
what they had
suggested. This
passwords, use
different passwords
for every site you
use and change the
password that is still
the same.

"Our investigation is
still ongoing and
takes time. As I've
said, we took
decisive steps to
prevent similar
incidents in the
future," he insisted.

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