Fans of Harry Potter on up Break Records

Posted by Sinauw on Friday, 22 April 2011

LONDON - Page up
(Fans Page) for the
Harry Potter films,
Harry Poter UK,
already have a
million fans. An
astonishing record
for a movie fanpage
on Facebook.

The popularity of the
page is driven by the
release of Blu-Ray
and DVD movies
'Harry Potter and The
Deathly Hallows Part
1' earlier this month.

Similarly, as quoted
from the Net
imperative, on
The fans of the Harry
Potter films
vigorously liked me,
'Comented' and
'Shared' in order to
ensure the UK's Harry
Potter page on
Facebook still occupy
positions in the
registrar's record
books, beating the
previous record held
by a page up for the
movie "Toy Story".

Warner Home Video
has been working
with Think Hour, a
social media agency
and public-relations,
for the manufacture
and settings page
Harry Potter UK on

Making the page is intended to bind, inform and entertain fans of Harry Potter
community that
continues to grow.

Pages Harry Potter
UK on Facebook has
a feature exclusive
video trailer,
interviews and
latest news about
Harry Potter.
Pages Harry Potter
UK on Facebook can
be found at