Expand Markets, HTC Acquisition Online Music Service

Posted by Sinauw on Monday, 4 April 2011

Sinauw, TAIPEI - For the sake
of indulging their
handset users with
music, vendors HTC
just bought KKBOX,
an online music
service based in
According to news
HTC KKBOX master
stock to 11.1
percent, equivalent
to USD10 million.
Over the past few
years HTC has built
software and
services of its own
that sets it apart
from other

Launched by
Intomobile, Monday
(04/04/2011), later
KKBOX will be
present in a variety
of products including
htcsense.com site
that helps owners of
HTC phones like Z
Desire, Desire HD, and
Desire S to customize
the device and make
backup data.
KKBOX is known as
an online music
service that began
operating in 1999.
The company holds
more than 700
contracts with
record companies
used to serve
streaming music
online that is
accessible through a
variety of handsets,
computers, and
tablet PCs.

This service now has
more than 1.5 million
songs in its data
base and has more
than 7 million users
in Taiwan and Hong
KKBOX other
including KDDI of
Japan and
Chunghwa Telecom
of Taiwan. The
company is planning
to expand its
services to various
other countries
including Japan,
Singapore, Malaysia,
Indonesia, and China.