Applications Samsung Downloaded 100 Million Times

Posted by Sinauw on Monday, 4 April 2011

Sinauw, SEOUL - Samsung
announced that its
application store has
crossed 100 million
downloads since the
service began with a
smart phone
Samsung Wave in
June 2010.

Since its launch, the
applications grew
rapidly with 10
million downloads in
the first three
months. Now, 10
months since launch,
the Samsung can be
proud that their
application has been
downloaded 100
million times.

Cellular News
reported on Friday
(03/25/2011), some
of the most
applications including
games Magic Torch,
Need for Speed​​Shift
and Asphalt 5.
Applications for
transport and
navigation, such as
the London Traffic
and Ndrive France
are also included in
the list of most
popular downloads.

Samsung revealed if
the most downloads
come from France,
followed by Germany
and Spain. The three
'responsible' for 40
percent of
downloads in the
store application.
Senior Vice President
of Media Solution
Center, Samsung
Electronics claims to
Kang-hyun Kwon, a
Korean company is
hoping to repeat the
positive trends that
have been shown.
"We anticipate the
possibility of
Samsung will
experience rapid
growth in 2011,
especially with
different devices
that will glide Bada,"
he said.

"With a consistent
increase in service
and choice of
applications with
high quality, we will
continue to offer the
service range of
applications that are
optimized for smart
phones to Samsung,"
Currently, Samsung
is providing more
than 13 thousand
applications in its
marketplace, which
in fact is increased
six-fold since the
launch of the first