Accessing up Through Hour Hand

Posted by Sinauw on Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sinauw, Mobile phones continue to evolve.
Its function is not
just to send word by voice, but also can send messages in text form and
accessing social
networking sites like
Facebook and

Now is not the only
mobile phones that
have evolved, but
also at hand. A
Canadian company,
Allerta, now make
smart watches
named inPulse.
Through this watch
the users can check
e-mail, send
messages, make
phone calls and even update your
Facebook status.
Allerta Inc. founder,
Eric Migicovsky, is a
bike enthusiast. He always dreamed of
having a watch that can access e-mail, send messages, and
call. Finally, he made the gadget itself.

The tool is connected
via bluetooth with a
cell phone.
Automatically each
incoming e-mail,
short messages and
the phone will
connect to this hour.

More sophisticated,
inPulse not only can
connect with
android-based phone
or blackberry, but
also computers and
laptops that use Mac,
Windows, and Linux.
InPulse watches
developed since
2009, but only
appeared on the
market in February.
This clock has a 1.3 inch touch screen, in
color, with a capacity
of 32 kB. The price? Between U.S. $ 149 to $ 199.