Xperia X10 Android entitlements Gingerbread

Posted by Sinauw on Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sinauw, some
vendors began
promising mobile
phone OS Android
Gingerbread official
update or version 2.3
on the smartphone
production. Now turn
to the Sony Ericsson
Xperia stated that
smart phones will be
rationed OS X10
'gingerbread' is.
Reported by CNET
andquoted on
Monday (3/28/2011),
dated Gingerbread
update the X10 has
not been determined
exactly. Vendor joint
venture of Japan
and Sweden it is only
uncover the range of
time at the end of Q2
or early Q3 2011,
approximately half
of this year.

Previously, Sony
Ericsson had
expressed not going
to do updates
Android beyond
version 2.1 or Eclair.
But consumer
demand to make
them yield as well.

"We listened to our
customers," said a
spokesman for Sony
Ericsson, Rikard
Although the update
is still quite a long
time goes by, Sony
Ericsson has warned
the associated risk
Gingerbread update
on X10. For example,
facial feature
recognition and smile
shutter on the
camera will be gone
replaced Android
camera interface
Then when
users upgrade to
Gingerbread, the
handset can no
longer be returned to
Android 2.1.
X10 was released
last year. The phone
is equipped with 4
inch screen and
processor 1 GHz.
Unfortunately some
other Sony Ericsson
handsets, including
X10 Mini, Mini Pro
and X8 will not get
rations reported
updates to

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