Google and LG Prepare Tablet Nexus?

Posted by Sinauw on Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Google is reportedly
preparing its own
Android tablet, in
partnership with LG.
Although the name is
not clear, this tablet
will supposedly
branded Nexus,
together with Google
smartphone which
came out in two
generations, Nexus
and Nexus S.

This news blows
from Eldar Murtazin,
a technology activist
who often correct in
predicting the
presence of a new
According to
sources Murtazin,
tablet Honeycomb
Nexus with Android
OS will probably slide
this summer.
Same with Nexus
smartphones, tablet
that supposedly will
get preferential
treatment such as
the certainty of the
latest OS updates.

Google seems to
have reached an
agreement with LG
to manufacture
tablets Nexus is
driven directly by
On the other hand,
Murtazin also
provide information
that Google does not
allow the tablet that
runs Android
Honeycomb 2.x to
get updates. If true,
it means that such
tablets Tab Galaxy 7-
inch version can not
find the Honeycomb
and at best to the

So far, there has
been no confirmation
either from Google or
Nexus LG about the
existence of these
tablets. Similarly, as
reported by The Next
Web andquoted on
Monday (4/28/2011).

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