Norton 360 Version 5.0, Complete Package from Symantec

Posted by Sinauw on Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sinauw- Symantec
Corp. launched its
Norton 360 Version
5.0, computer
security package
that staying
digadang as a
complete program
package, fastest,
and lightest for the
fight against crime
in cyberspace.

"We've designed the
latest version of
Norton 360, a
package of
programs 'all-in-one'
easy to use,
providing the
protection, and will
not slow the user's
computer," said
Janice Chaffin,
president of the
Consumer Business
Unit, Symantec, in a
press release ,

Latest protection
package from
Symantec that
became important
after Symantec in
2010 found 286
million different
threats, so that on
average there are 9
new threats every
second that targets
both consumer
computers in the
enterprise and
In Symantec's latest
product that
provides three
different superior
features. First
'Insight', a security
technology that
utilizes the pattern
of adoption of
anonymously than
175 million users of
Symantec to
identify and block
new malicious

The second feature
is the behavior-
based protection
'SONAR 3' that
monitors suspicious
behavior from
various applications
to rapidly identify
new attacks,
'crimeware', and
other threats
designed to avoid
traditional detection
Last 'Power Eraser
Norton and Norton
Bootable Recovery
Tool' is a tool to
aggressively detect
and repair damage
from malicious
attacks on computer
users so customers
can clean up a
previously infected

Norton 360 version
5.0 can be installed
up to three PCs and
will be available in
Indonesia beginning
next April. The
software is offered
at a price of up to