Nokia: Windows and Symbian, Yes!

Posted by Sinauw on Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sinauw, HELSINKI - Despite
holding the Windows
for use as a
platform, Nokia
claims will not leave

Launched by the
Straits Times on
(03/26/2011), Nokia
admits that they will
continue the
portfolio of the
Symbian smartphone
platform in the
future, although they
have been selling
Previously, the
analysts believe that
Nokia will abandon
Symbian to focus on
making Windows-
based smartphones.

This rumor started
sticking after the
Finnish company
decided to hold the
operating system
from Microsoft.
"We will start selling
the device Symbian
return some time
after Nokia devices
based on Windows
Phone slid to the
market," said
Purnima Kochikar,
Head of Developer
Relations at Nokia.
Nokia itself promised
to introduce mobile
platform in late
2012, considering
they claim to need
time for two years
to develop such
As is known,
Symbian today is
increasingly losing
market share
continues to decline
during recent years.
But do not be denied
if Symbian can
generate revenue
that is strong