Mozilla Will Make Your Own Application Store

Posted by Sinauw on Monday, 7 March 2011

Sinauw, CALIFORNIA - Mozilla
developers released
the code to make an
online application
store itself, which is
planned for all
platforms and all

Mozilla, maker of
Firefox, has released
the initial code for
making them open
app store, designed
to rival Apple's App
Store and the
Chrome web store.

As quoted from, Monday
(03/07/2011), the
goal of the Mozilla
build the app store is
to serve the web-
based applications to
any device or
Labs has launched
the first developer
release for the

The first developer
release to the open
app store this
project presents a
specification to
describe a web
application, a device
of the new browser
API that is included,
the ability for a
website to 'install'
itself in a browser,
and also a
documentation on
how to build an
directory' free or

Mozilla plans to
launch more
friendly devices and
browsers in the next
few weeks.
development also
includes experience
'in browser' that is
integrated, with
mobile device users,
which supports the
control of the
browser, and
integration with the
os, as well as
support for widgets
and notification.

The project from
Mozilla is intended to
refute the idea that
mobile and web
applications should
be placed at
different stores.

Chrome and Apple's
app store app store
is an example of this.

The idea behind the
model of the Mozilla
Web Applications is
to be able to launch a
web application with
just one click or
divide the user's
contact address with
the web application
through any device
or browser.