Cheryl Cole takes 2 Hours To be Beautiful on the Red Carpet

Posted by Sinauw on Wednesday, 30 March 2011

SNW Images- Cheryl Cole

Sinauw, appreciation In any
event, red carpet
has always been an
important moment in
which celebrities
compete to look my
best. No exception
for the singer Cheryl

To make it look as
attractive as
possible on the red
carpet, Cheryl could
spend up to two
hours to get ready.
Ranging from dress,
bermake-up to her

"It takes two hours
for me to be playing
on the red carpet.
But I liked the
process, the view of
my hair is wet to the
ordered good," said
27-year woman, as
quoted by the
female first.

Appear glamorous on
red carpets and
parties with close
friends, there is
some equipment
that required make-
up she wears.

One of
the ambassador of
L'Oreal products are
never forgotten
applying lip gloss to
look beautiful all the
time. According to
him, lip gloss is the
tool most practical
make-up because he
does not need a
mirror to wear them.

"Lipgloss is very
easy to use.
Cosmetic useful
because I always
forget to bring a
mirror in the bag,"
adds Cheryl. In
addition to lip gloss,
cosmetics bag that
must exist in the jury
'X Factor' this is the
mascara, perfume as
well comb.