Battery Recharging Self-dried

Posted by Sinauw on Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sinauw- It had
a lot of people will
take up the battery
if it is starting to
weaken or wear out
for can be used
again. However, the
results may only be
temporary and short.

Season the battery
under the blazing sun
the effect is
temporary because
it only began to dry
up the moist carbon.

However, in the
future, drying in the
sun may indeed be a
way to recharge the
battery. A team of
scientists make a
prototype of its
battery can be
recharged by
behind this
technology, Yung-
Hsaing Chang, Ming-
Shien Lin, and Chang-
Ting Lu, calling them
the concept of "Light
Catcher". Currently
they are ready with
the prototype.

Battery "Light
Catcher" is a battery
built fotoelektronik
antireflektif of solar
cells that absorb
energy from
sunlight. Tues
protected by
transparent for
sunlight to enter. "So
if the power runs
out, leave it in the
sun is beautiful,"
explains in an article
at Yanko Design.

Prototype batteries
available in AA and
AAA sizes. Both had
to be used in most
electronic devices.

These batteries can
also provide
electrical power to
the electronic device
via a 3.5 mm plug.

Making these
batteries prove that
solar power
technology does not
have to use such a
large panel mounted
on the roofs of
houses or industrial
sites. More advanced
technology now
makes solar power
technology can be
scaled and used in
various household

This battery was
actually not the first
small products that
use solar power.

Last year, Sanyo
received the IF
Design award in
CeBIT technology
conference because
it succeeded in
developing the lights
and solar powered
USB charger.
Catcher is also is one
of the entries in the
IF Design award.
Nevertheless, small-
sized solar-powered
products are still
unable to meet the
needs of mobile
devices hungry for
energy, such as
laptops and smart
recent technological
innovations is quite
promising. (National
Indonesia / Alex