Microsoft Planning Xbox Create TV

Posted by Sinauw on Saturday, 17 September 2011

Xbox TV

Sinauw, Microsoft announced
it is launching a new
platform, the Xbox
TV. The software
giant is likely to try
their luck in the
realm of digital TVs
that failed enlivened
by its competitors:
Google, Apple and
Mentioned the CEO
Steve Balmer,
Microsoft wants to
change the way
people watch TV
with the content
they offer.
Reportedly, the TV
Xbox will be released
towards the end of
the year. But Balmer
did not confirm this

Reported by Big
News Networks and quoted on Saturday
Ballmer Xbox TV
shows for the first
time financial
analyst meeting in
Anaheim, California,
United States (U.S.).
During the meeting
he informed all
present that the
Xbox will deliver the TV video on demand and live television
shows including
news, sports and
favorite shows plus hundreds of diverse video content.

Xbox TV consumers
will be able to enjoy all the impressions
on the device
without having to install equipment
such as cable,
satellite dish or set-top box.

Ballmer added, the main thing that distinguishes the
Xbox TV with other TV platforms are
made by its
competitors namely the existence of
motion-based search tools and sound.
Using the driving
Kinect, the user can navigate along the content search using voice commands.