Google Introduces Blogger Applications iPhone

Posted by Sinauw on Monday, 12 September 2011

Google Blogger

Sinauw, iPhone
users can now
update and upload
the latest posts to
the blog after Google
launched its IOS
applications for
bloggers. Write,
manage, and publish
writings can now be
done via iPhone.
The application is
available for blogger
users IOS version 3.2
and above. Not just
writing, through the
application of this
story that we write
and the photos can
also be equipped
with geotagging, the
identity of the
shooting location
through the GPS
IPhone users can also
view and edit the
draft of their paper
before being
published on blogs.
This application also
allows users to
organize and
manage the look of
their blog. Blogger in
IOS is not much
different from the
bloggers for Android.
However, users iPad
apparently can not
use these
applications at this
time because the
software has not
been aligned with
the iPad.
Google's Blogger
service have to
compete with these
blogging service
providers, such as
Wordpress and
Tumblr, which
increasingly attract
the blog author.