Whyteboard Launches Social Commerce on Facebook

Posted by Sinauw on Sunday, 10 July 2011

TOKYO - Sinauw, Whyteboard
Inc., based in Tokyo,
is a software
company. The
company has
announced the beta launch of social commerce
applications for

The new interactive
application that
takes advantage of the Facebook social data to promote
trust between
buyers and sellers,
allowing for more open markets and
secure 'Whytelist'.

Whytelist also
introduces unique
features of social commerce that exceed the purchase
and sale. Users can also provide and post items they are
interested to buy it.

"We are entering a new era of world trade in which people take center
stage. Proposition
Whytelist is to end the anonymity and
led the way for trade based on trust," said
Kazuo Ikari, CEO at Whyteboard, as quoted by Japan Today, Sunday (10/7/2011).

Whytelist including open markets and
more secure for
users. To join
Whytelist users must be connected with
Transactions carried out with real people.
It includes features to buy, sell, giveaway and post the wishlist items
that you want.

Ikari adds, "Whytelist
is social commerce
applications on
Facebook, which
incorporates four ways to involve users in the transaction. This interaction will result
in Whytelist it 'taste graph', connecting
people based on
their choices and what they like."